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Who We are

we are team of highly qualified and wast experience in textile processing with upto date knowledge of current industry scenarios.

Mission & Values

SOFOCOL has been started to bring Indian textile Industry to Global level. We value relationship with our partner.

OUR Experise

we are experts in all fields of Textile Processing Industry.

Our Philosophy

SOFOCOL( Solutions For Colors) has been established to provide profession services to textile processing unit to establish world class standards, make all processes and products sustainable . This is been done through customize audits, current status of plant, improvement plan and implementations. Technical people training are also part of Program.

Apart from this we also advise for

1. New plant setups and feasibility analysis.

2. Customized up gradation of plant/ Operational audit to decide health of M/c’s and correction plan.

3. Right first time Quality productions enhancement

4. New products developments

5. Critical factor evaluation to optimize cost

6.Process house Audits

7. Housekeeping Improvement training program

8. WIP reduction program

9. Operational turnaround of existing processing mills.

10. New Garment Laundry setups establishment

At SOFOCOL people have gathered enormous experience by working with MNC companies as well as Indian companies, various market segments in the field, we have specialization. This enormous experience with the company gives it edge to take up any challenging task after detailed discussion with client.

Textile processing industry is currently facing challenges for not only cost but to produce products through sustainable products and processes. Reprocessing reductions, carbon foot print reduction, as well optimum uses of manpower, electricity, Steam and water are key challenges in front of industry.

Pollution norms with respect to water discharge as well as air emission getting stringent day by day, this in turn is putting pressure on Textile processing industry across India to go back deeply into setups and re engineer production setup, if needed to meet requirements. Apart from machines, dyes& chemicals most important need is for shop floor people mind set change also. This can be done through trainings, regular interactions and introducing them with new techniques for the same.

Sofocol, Solutions For Colors

Our Work Process

Sofocol Consulting understands that to help meet client challenges and opportunities successfully at reasonable expenses.

Share Your Goal

We are keen to meet and understand your goal.

Find a Challenges

Introduce you about challenges towards your goal.

Get a Solution

Discuss in details about your need and offer you perfect solution. .


Quality Assurance

This is been done through customize audits


Planning & Strategy

We Strive Well researched, deeply analyzed thoughtful solutions to client business.


Process Consulting

We are keen to meet, discuss in details about your need and offer you perfect solution.


Information Security

Be Rest Assured your information is safe with us. Always!

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