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Plant Feasibility Study

There are a number of key objectives in completing the process plant design for a feasibility study: the plant design must be feasible and constructible; the plant design must focus on the key issues that drive the capital and operating costs; only sufficient design is completed to provide backup for the capital and operating cost estimates at appropriate level of accuracy to establish the feasibility of the design; and the feasibility study design may identify a number of issues needing resolution at the starting stage.

In this day and age of fierce competition and tighter budgets, manufacturers are often faced with making critical—and expensive—business decisions as part of their strategic plan. Should you refurbish existing equipment or buy new equipment to meet your manufacturing needs? Should you add product lines to increase market share and what impact would that have on current operations?

Important Attributes
Product feasibility study
Weak areas identifications
Possible solution to improve
Implementation plan

Recognizing the importance and potential financial impact of these decisions, often hire outside consultants to conduct a feasibility study of the options and provide recommendations. A feasibility study is an in-depth evaluation and analysis of the problem or opportunity with a thorough review of the operational and financial impacts of the proposed solutions.

Outside consultants often bring a level of objectivity and specialized expertise to a feasibility study that internal employees can not provide. This includes the experience to conduct a full plant capacity analysis; optimal layout and process flows; utility consumption/availability studies; and engineering, safety and ergonomic studies. All of this information will assist plant owners in making more informed decisions.

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