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Utility Optimization

Power generation (steam, electricity, hot water ...) is a major operating cost for numerous processes. When utilities (steam, electricity, hot water ...) are produced on site, optimizing the production based on the real needs of the site is a major issue. For most of the plants, most of the operation’s profitability is based on the optimization of the energy production equipment.

Benefits of Plant Optimization

1. Monitoring and measuring plants in real-time helps evaluate the condition of power plant equipment continuously over time and can serve as a predictive indicator of equipment degradation. This helps utilities look for possible causes, take preventive measures to minimize such degradation and improve plant efficiency.

2. The solution provides emissions monitoring to help power plants keep emissions within regulatory limits.

3. The solution can identify potential loss making factors making it possible to isolate the controllable losses and flag them to the operator.

4. This feature helps to check the integrity of the data that is input into the system so that the computed results provide meaningful and accurate information that can be used to improve the efficiency of the plant.

5. The scope of optimization includes detail study of manpower, electricity, Water and steam, Heat Rate, Boiler and Turbine Performance, Combustion and Soot blowing, Alarm Diagnostics, Water Chemistry Management and Emission Reductions.

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