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Training programs

Power plant training programs and curricula development can be developed for all your specific job disciplines, including control room operators, mechanics, chemists, technicians, and numerous other classifications of plant personnel.

The foundation of any effective training system is the ability to recognise and define the behaviors required by an employee to successfully perform a job. Failure to fully define required behaviors leads to inadequate training, inefficient operation, and increased risk of incidents.

Important Attributes
Existing shop floor practices
Enhanced process knowledge
Building expertise to work on RIGHT FIRST TIME approach
Regular training classes to improve productivity and quality

Sofocol has expertise in defining the skills required for jobs in the process industries, down to the level of specific, observable behaviors.

Effective training introduces and develops practical mastery of the skills required for job success. Proper performance support makes it easy for employees to perform the desired behaviors correctly. Performance Management practices assure knowledge transfer and accountability for proper job performance.

1. We identify and train for critical skills.
2. We make sure systems are in place to support these skills and handle changes as positions and skill sets evolve.
3. We design a comprehensive development program that defines clear expectations, objectively measures results, and rewards performance to ensure long-term plant and personal growth for all involved.

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